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Legal Marijuana or Cannabis in Colombia

The development has allowed us to explore the medicinal opportunities offered by our amazing plant nature. In ignorance of their benefits, many plants have been banned due to the misuse that human beings have given them; However, medicine has fixed its eyes on these species with professionalism, and has rescued for our own good some substances that we can already see on the market today.

Thanks to Law 1787 of 2016, in Colombia we can cultivate and manufacture products based on Marijuana or Cannabis exclusively for medicinal and scientific purposes. This has allowed us to enter a market with many economic and social development opportunities.

International references on Cannabis

Currently, there are several countries in America that have already legalized the use of this plant, Uruguay and Canada among them, are benchmarks at the economic level since they opened the possibility of responsible Cannabis trade. A report by Deloitte Canada reveals that as of December 2021, the Cannabis trade in this country presented sales of US$8.5 billion, positively impacting the economy of the Canadian country, not to mention the jobs generated in this sector.

«The Cannabis industry contributes US$1.09 to the Canadian GDP for each dollar sold or invested in capital»

The Republic Newspaper

With this background, Colombia is already taking its first steps in the commercialization of Cannabis or Marijuana. This is how we can already see in our country a wide portfolio of products based on this resource, which allow a better well-being for people, especially those who suffer from pain such as arthritis, glaucoma, among others.

At Inversiones Naturales QAQ we recognize the potential of Cannabis or Marijuana at a medicinal and wellness level; For this reason, we are committed to the research and development of products that allow us to have a better quality of life.


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